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ISO Accreditation

ISO Accreditation

Accreditation means that we have been evaluated against globally envisaged standards and work at the levels of quality and management that matter most. , and we are an authorized agent of an IAS accreditation body, and obtaining the certificate gives you assurance that the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 13485, ISO 50001 and ISO 37001 certificates are trustworthy, genuine and unbiased. It was subsequently awarded to ensure the degree of conformity according to a certain standard.

Our certification reduces risks to you and your customers and gives you complete certainty that we have been assessed against global standards for our competence and ability to perform.

01. Planning & Strategy

We have extensive experience, specialized skills and deep knowledge; We are innovative in identifying and exploring emerging opportunities at the edge of technology.

02. Client’s Satisfaction

Our company's success depends on how well we understand our customers' needs and how efficient and effective we are in meeting those needs.

ISO Accreditation

We are a management consultancy and business development company. We have obtained ISO certification in Kuwait and the Arab Gulf. We work hard and have helped nearly 950 companies, institutions and government agencies to obtain the ISO certificate in various sectors such as the education sector, the health sector, including testing laboratories, the industrial, commercial, craftsmanship and public benefit institutions. and ministries

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We Believe in Best Quality

We provide ISO training services in the field of ISO certifications. It is in the training of ISO awareness, training of ISO internal auditors, training of major ISO and ISO auditors, as well as improving the development of internal policies and procedures for administrative systems in organizations, making them in line with the standards for granting ISO certification.

benefit for all

Quality has become an essential pillar of the strategy of countries, not just companies, which has become a necessity to agree on the use of a system that achieves efficiency and effectiveness in ensuring the level of service.

We Believe in Abilities

The initial quality report is the basis for knowing the company's current situation with the management gap report, which makes us able to understand the administrative level and then try to upgrade it to become a global level

You realize that achieving system standards in your company has as many advantages as moving beyond the challenge.
You also understand that freely scanning and checking with different global system standards gives you validity and attracts new clients.
Although, you may not have the requisite assets, mastery, and time at home to accomplish this all on your own.
We can explain how and where to get this additional assistance needed.

Why Us ?

An American accreditation documented by IAS and an experience extending to 9 years and more than 730 bodies that have obtained our accreditation in ISO certificates in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf, certified consultants and an audit team capable of guiding and controlling implementation

Our commitment

We are committed to working with integrity and maintaining confidentiality, independence and leadership in the management system certification services, inspection and training from a third party in order to satisfy the client and the interested party and prove compliance with accreditation requirements and are committed to annual audit services and the development of control plans, re-grant and direct supervision by our consultants

What We Do ?

We examine and compare the current administrative system, analyze the gaps, produce the required work report, fill the gaps, train and qualify, prepare documents, and award certificates according to the international quality system.

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