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Quality Report Management Consulting is a leading consulting company in the field of business process improvement and management, which helps institutions to be significantly more efficient. We qualify companies, institutions, organizations and government agencies to obtain ISO certificates in the State of Kuwait


Management System Certifications

Qualifying and granting a quality certificate with American accreditation. We qualify and train employees in companies on quality systems in the sectors of occupational safety and health, administrative quality and safety.


Product Conformity Certificates

Certification of products depends on the conformity of products to quality standards. We are associated with American international certification bodies that provide various product assurances such as CE marking, ISO marking, FCC, and others.


Internal Auditor Training

Management system training programs are led with a plan to build a strong culture of implementing ISO standards in organizations. It causes the assembly to understand the basic requirements of the standard

Work risk training

Industry involves the use of heavy machinery as well as a huge workforce. This industry never sleeps. From blue collar workers to contractors, everyone is always on guard at their jobs. A simple failure of safety measures can lead to a devastating scenario.


European manufacturing certificates

ISO certification is the best choice for all industries to prove that they provide world class, effective and efficient products and services to their clients or customers. ISO certification for the manufacturing industry plays an important role in the economic development of any country.


Food Safety Certifications

Health, hygiene and guidelines are among the most important components that perform an important function in the lives of individuals and businesses in the way of life. We work with international certification bodies with American accreditation that award food safety certificates according to strict rules



We are Quality Report for Management Consulting and Business Development, a Kuwaiti company – holding an American accreditation for the granting and qualification of ISO quality systems , We award ISO Certification in Kuwait for any type and size of organization, big or small of any type of industry. Our training focuses on understanding the requirements of the standard in line with the client’s business. We have provided ISO certification to more than 1000 organizations for various management standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001ISO 22000ISO 27001 and various other ISO standards.

About Quality Report | ISO Certifications


Digital transformation is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives, and if anything we have to learn from this pandemic is to embrace the unknown, it has changed the way we live and work. During this period of uncertainty, Quality Standards strive to add value and maintain trust in government bodies, businesses and consumers in all sectors while enabling progress through risk management and facilitating change, thus building a more promising future. This commitment is embodied in our claim ‘We don’t sell, we testify’.

Not selling, but monitoring and certification

e have enabled advancement in society and businesses by staying true to our goal of protecting people

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Qualifying and granting international ISO certificates and preparing occupational safety and health plans

Our mission

Our mission is the formation of trust between companies, public authorities and consumers to help them achieve sustainability goals of their own. Promised to help build and implement, measure and achieve a more efficient approach, systematic and credible to achieve transparency and build reputation

we have added value

 We have added value to our partners and clients through a comprehensive suite of assessment, certification, auditor training and advisory services. We have enabled advancement in society and businesses by staying true to our goal of protecting people.

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    Companies and institutions that have obtained the international ISO certificate




    Qualifying and granting international ISO certificates and preparing occupational safety and health plans

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